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Fire Extinguisher Ball

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Extinguish The End The Night With A Blast!


It’s been another great night around the campfire.. but the campfire is still roaring and ready to party!! Introducing PyroPal our fire extinguisher balls that will snuff out a raging fire with a blast!

Simply toss a PyroPal extinguisher ball into your fire pit or chimney and watch with delight as it shuts down that fire and puts it to sleep with a small safe explosion of fun and fire and waahoo!!!

Don’t let years go by wondering if there’s a better, more fun way to extinguish your campfires.. THERE IS! It exists and you should stock up because after a couple of beers you’ll be glad you did!

These extinguisher balls while fun, are meant and designed to put out sizable fires in an instant and that is where PyroPal succeeds and exceeds every expectation.. now that’s value!

So if you’re looking for the best way to put out a fire, or you’re just looking for a great gift for that outdoorsy person in your life, grab PyroPal and make sure that campfire is out for the count!



Safety First & Fun First! - PyroPals mission is to extinguish fires and save lives and it is the best at this, but it is also good at having fun because tossing these things makes a little explosion and little explosions are fun!!!

Never Be Caught Unprepared! - these extinguisher balls should be by every fireplace and every fire pit because you never know how fast fires can get out of control.. make sure you’re ready with PyroPal

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea - these fire extinguisher balls make a great gift for that outdoorsy person who is constantly making bonfires.. also perfect for anyone with a fire pit or fireplace!