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Magnetic Pad

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Minimalist Tool Organizer Helps to Keep Your Tools Within an Arm’s Reach So You Can Find Them Easily!

Stuck with dropping your tools while repairing your car? Introducing Magnetic Pad that features an extra-strong magnetic surface to hold your repairing tools. You can attach it to anything metallic, and it won’t scratch the surface. Repair without any interruption!



MULTIPLE SURFACE: You can attach it to the side of a car, on a wall, pillar, or even on the under-side of a car hood. Keep your tools in a perfect location for quick usage. The tool organizer is great for workshops, mechanics, kitchens, mobile workshops, garden sheds, craft rooms, artist studios or offices.

EXTRA STRONG MAGNETS: This incredible pad has strong magnets that will keep it in place and give you maximum stability. The pad is flexible to stick to any shape of the metallic surface. It’s super strong, durable, and reliable. The magnets will prevent the pad from slipping off, and thus you can get your work done!

KEEP TOOLS ORGANIZED ON THE PAD: It’s a fantastic tool for your extra convenience! It is a magnetic pad that holds and keeps all the metallic tools on the pad. Just attach it to the car hood, undercarriage, fenders, door, or anywhere, then pick up the tool anytime.

GREAT ORGANIZER: This pad helps to organize workshop clutter with ease. You can access your tools conveniently. No more messy workbenches. You can locate tools quickly and easily. This pad is 300*200*5mm in size that can hold several tools.

SCRATCH-FREE: The pad is scratch resistant and will cling to different types of metallic surfaces. Your car or any surface will be safe with this magnetic pad.